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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! 2023 is almost over, and not a moment too soon. Everyone is getting ready for these days, some are sewing a new dress, some are making a new wish list and some are looking for a new location to make this day special, but when it comes to New Year’s Eve, there’s no better way to kick off another trip, than by throwing an awesome party.
Wondering where to spend the main holiday of the year? In this article we are going to convince you that Georgia is one of the best options:
You will discover a lot of interesting concerning New Year traditions in Georgia. Even local Santa Claus – “Tovlis Babua” is very different from the usual one, and instead of a red-white dress wears a snow-white “Nabadi”(Georgian burka ). Moreover, the first guest, crossing a threshold in the new year “Mekvle,” can bring happiness, or vice versa, failure. In addition to the traditional Christmas tree in Georgia, you will be able to decorate “Chichilaki” – a small Christmas tree from a hazel branch.
We celebrate it twice !
As the country is located between Europe and Asia, the mix of influences from the two continents has resulted in unique local traditions and customs – unlike what you find anywhere else: for example the fact that Georgians celebrate New Year twice.
On the 1st January, there is the first New Year celebration. And only two weeks later, still in the mood of New Year, we celebrate Old New Year on 14th January.